Building Tomorrow’s Communications Enterprise

When mobile is the new TV, cloud is the new datacenter and content is the new voice, opportunity calls every second. To maximize their bandwidth of possibilities, enterprises are looking for information technology and strategy that delivers the vision of ‘personalize, monetize and capitalize’.

As technology switches paths to a more convergent, pervasive and disruptive future, enterprises must take stock of post-downturn realities: voice revenues are declining. Consumers are switching brands like never before. Over-the-top (OTT) providers are new competitors to contend with. The immediate agenda then is driving operational efficiency and reining in costs while exploiting new business models, and revenues from new services or products. Priorities in the future are developing new business models and staying connected with consumers — always.

Challenges & Opportunities

Operational agility: Now, more than ever, high-tech enterprises need to focus on what they do best: understand the market and build for the future. For the rest, there are partners – whether it’s product assembly, third-party logistics or payroll. This helps reduce capital expenditure, addresses variability of business and ensures that the focus stays where it should – on the core.

Customer Experience Management (CEM): Today, brand loyalty is slipping beyond the coverage of service providers. Consumers now swear by their preferred devices and the online applications they access through it. To combat this disruption, operators need to develop innovative CEM strategies across multiple channels as a way to optimize customer mix and offerings — ensuring that services are well-targeted, timely, and high on value delivered.

How We Deliver Business Value

Gvt helps communications enterprises stay on top of change, helping them connect, collaborate and communicate better by addressing their challenges in three key areas: business transformation, accelerating innovation and efficient operations.