Building Tomorrow’s Financial Services Enterprise

What is the fastest way to build an online community for consumers?

How can setting up a center of excellence help manage compliance better?

Are there any best practices to fast track the creation of highly secure mobile wallets?

Can a marketing analytics solution be tailored to predict which financial services are most sought after in Curitiba, Brazil?

We are built from the ground up to help you answer these questions — with dedicated practices for Capital Markets, Commercial Banking, Consumer Banking, Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC), Payments and Cards, and Insurance. This focus gives us the ability to address your varied technology and business needs — whether it’s rich insight or focused implementation; whether it’s immediate need or long-term strategy; whether it’s simplifying your processes or capitalizing on emerging trends that can drive business growth. Our focus helps enhance your capabilities to transform, manage, innovate, and forge ahead. We call it Building Tomorrow’s Enterprise.

As technology switches paths to a more convergent, pervasive and disruptive future, enterprises must take stock of post-downturn realities: voice revenues are declining. Consumers are switching brands like never before. Over-the-top (OTT) providers are new competitors to contend with. The immediate agenda then is driving operational efficiency and reining in costs while exploiting new business models, and revenues from new services or products. Priorities in the future are developing new business models and staying connected with consumers — always.

Challenges & Opportunities

Take customer experience from ‘universal’ to ‘unique’: With multi-channel convergence and mobility making transactions more convenient, intermediaries are becoming less relevant. To get closer to the customer’s heart and purse – and stay there – traditional players need to craft a differentiated customer experience that encompasses innovative pricing, service and loyalty programs. Customer-centricity is the way to go, and it’s time to personalize.

Take business from ‘risk’ to ‘flow’: In addition to enhancing revenues from service areas like wealth and asset management, institutions can boost operational efficiency with portfolio rationalization while driving down costs with consolidation and simplification of payments infrastructure. Achieving a consistent customer experience calls for creating ‘utilities’ – a set of product-agnostic processes and tools to support new geographies, products and channels.

Take data from ‘information’ to ‘intelligence’: Bringing data together with business intelligence and data visualization solutions breaks down silos with integrated reporting, and creates ‘enterprise-wide data stores’ for real-time insight. This can translate to “profits from patterns” – creating opportunities to enhance service excellence and cross-sell products.

Take risk management and regulatory compliance from ‘independent’ to ‘holistic’: Given the commonalities in governance, risk and compliance (GRC) entities, integrating these functions can play a big role in weighted, sound decision making. With GRC lifecycle management and process standardization solutions, enterprises can build a much-needed capability in adapting to new regulations and remaining fortress-strong for the future.

How We Delivers Business Value

With industry-leading strengths in consulting, technology and sourcing, we can help unlock the value levers of your enterprise in three ways: business transformation, accelerating innovation and efficient operations.