Building Tomorrow’s Logistics Enterprise

Uncertainty is certain. So are increased complexity, competition and compliance. Third party logistics (3PL), port-based logistics and specialized services are on the rise. With the new normal forcing logistics service providers (LSPs) to focus on their business models, today’s imperatives are filling service gaps, cutting carbons and organic growth.

Future success, however, begins with strategies and services that resonate the needs and demands of tomorrow’s global enterprises. Keeping businesses in motion will require mastering the verticals you serve, becoming the customer’s brand custodian and sharing risk — while collaborating efficiently with 3PL players to maximize possibilities on the move.

Challenges & Opportunities

Slow economic recovery and rising costs: Agreed, the worst of the economic slowdown is over; but companies are still grappling with reduced demand and ever-increasing fuel prices. Many carriers sold their equipment during the slowdown. When the economy gets healthy and stays there, capacity could be an issue — is there enough fleet strength to hit the roads?

Emerging markets: With 80% of the world’s population — and rising — in emerging economies, a truckload of potential awaits by expanding to new geographies. But for overcoming infrastructure issues and network roadblocks to get huge volumes of cargo to the right place at the right time, enterprises need re-engineering of business processes and technology platforms.

How We Deliver Business Value

Gvt helps communications enterprises stay on top of change, helping them connect, collaborate and communicate better by addressing their challenges in three key areas: business transformation, accelerating innovation and efficient operations.