Building Tomorrow’s Publishing Enterprise

Publishing enterprises are being disrupted with the rise of digital content aggregators, search engines and social content platforms. Customer-facing facets like product configurations, content services and pricing models have changed drastically.

Today, it’s all about relevance — how up-to-date your business is with the rapidly evolving marketplace, and what you are doing to engage the emerging demography of digital consumers. Considering the change in content consumption patterns, monetization models and consumer channels, enterprises need to differentiate to sustain and grow their business.

Challenges & Opportunities

Digital transformation: Information is available anytime, anywhere – allowing consumers to access content at their convenience. This necessitates a change from print-centric editorial processes and systems, to an integrated view that is agnostic of delivery channels. With context-centric advertising also on the rise, there will be an all-pervasive change in content repositories, editorial team structures, advertising offerings, and customer data — compelling publishers to deliver products and services for new consumer needs.

Community engagement: Customers are no longer passive recipients of information — they are part of a social content ecosystem. Enterprises must engage and empower customers by deploying feature-rich social networking platforms.

How We Deliver Business Value

By blending consulting, technology and sourcing, Infosys creates measurable outcomes for publishing enterprises in three ways: business transformation, accelerating innovation and efficient operations.