Real Estate IT Services

Technology is at the epicenter of the ever-growing Real Estate and Construction Industry. Taking this into account, we provide a host of Real Estate IT Services that assist you at almost every stage and level of your business projects.

Construction Analytics:

BI Dashboards/Analytics/Reporting: As decision makers of a company, it doesn’t make sense that you should go through endless excel sheets or detailed data of every level in all processes. Hence we bring you customized and user-defined Business Intelligence (BI) tools to collect large amounts of data, analyze it and condense the essence of that data into easy to understand graphs or dashboards.

Master Data Management: ERP and IT systems sometimes generate duplicate data. The MIS reports created from this data can be misleading. Hence we provide you Master Data Management, a service that consolidates duplicate data and provides a quick and tangible return on investment.

Software Training: Hiring and managing new members is a daunting task, especially if it comes right after our training session during the software implementation. To make this tedious process easier for you, we provide software training at every level as per your company needs.

Software Customization: Occasionally, the requirements of a company are a little different from out standard solutions. Hence we provide them with software customization to meet their needs. From minor tweaks to major reworking, our services ensure that you find the solution that fits your business perfectly.

Annual Maintenance Support: As a part of our package, we provide you with support for a specified time after implementation. But our relationship with you does not end after that. With Annual Maintenance Support, we are constantly there for you to make sure that your operations proceed smoothly and are free of any impedance.

Top Management Training: As decision makers of a company, your need to review project reports is of paramount importance. Hence we train the top management of your company to use standard reports thus enabling faster and better decision making.