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Google Glass is a revolutionary wearable computer device with an optical head mounted display. The device much in the fashion of Smartphones is endowed with a wide range of advanced features and functionalities in hands-free format. The device can perform all computing and Smartphone specific functions just through voice commands or through an intelligent understanding of the actions or ambience. From capturing a picture through voice command to hands free recording of visual experience and simultaneous real time sharing of them, from receiving directions and guidance while in journey to sending a message just by speaking – Google Glass does all these seamlessly and in a smart hands free platform.

Advanced features of Google Glass

Some of the advanced features of Google Glass are ahead of many existing technologies in use. Let us have a quick recap of some of the advanced features of the device.

  • Take picture or record video just through voice command.
  • See messages and emails and reply them through voice commands.
  • Ask a question or tell a thing for Google search to deliver the answer.
  • Give voice command and integrated Google Map will give you directions.
  • Real time video sharing through voice commands.
  • Integrated Google Now will keep on updating you with time, weather, news or traffic information.
  • At your command the voice translator will translate and speak out in foreign language.

Use of Google Glass App

Google Glass as a smart interactive and futuristic tech device can perform an array of functions with intelligent, hands-free command. An array of third party apps is continuing to optimize the experience of the device even more. Let us take a quick recap of some exciting uses of Google Glass app.

  • Optimize media sharing in different environments based on hands-free format of the device.
  • More intuitive information sharing on through analytical and productive tools.
  • More intuitive and intelligent direction guide based on daily behavioral feedback.
  • A constant fitness companion with all health information analysis on day to day basis.
  • More intelligent contact management, mailing service and social network alerts.
  • Optimizing image quality through intelligent noise reduction and timer.
  • Smarter streaming of local information based on your preference and lifestyle.

Why hire us for Google Glass App Development

Google Glass being ahead of many existing technologies requires considerable sophistication, variety of skill set and experience of working with multiple smart device platforms for developing applications. Our Google Glass app development team consists of not only experienced programmers but developers who worked with many successful industry acclaimed development projects in multiple smartphone or smart device platforms. Moreover, as Google Glass said to have integrated both Android and iOS excellence in MyGlass operating platform for the device our experienced programmers in both Android and iOS platform with their proven excellence can really deliver innovative applications to grab the show.

Google Glass is already the new frontier of more intelligent and intuitive app development and offers the scope for best business optimized apps that use this smart platform to develop follower, reach clientele and augment the circle of influence through innovation and creative intelligence.

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