CRM Asset Management

Our CRM Asset Management solution for asset management helps mutual fund companies enhance customer satisfaction and boost revenues by streamlining processes, improving distributor management and facilitating cross-border workflows with registrars on a single technology platform.



  • A large share of business is driven through intermediaries where information challenges exist for effective management.
  • AMCs continue to face stiff revenue targets spread across numerous stakeholders, who struggle to deal with too many departments, systems and geographies.


  • How to create an intelligent, unified view of customers and their needs?
  • How to provide valid, up-to-date distributor-wise AUM data to help relationship managers drive performance?
  • How to influence corporate investment decisions, to attract funds into right asset classes?
  • How to use registrar data to build stronger relationships, spot trends, movements and detect early warnings?
  • How to segment distributors & focus limited resources on higher potential relationships?
  • How to plan and aid distributors to expand their customer base and AUM?
  • How to effectively train workforce, distributors and key influencers on new products, value-additions and complementing skills?
  • How to manage competition by empowering relationship managers with data to grow & measure the width/depth of relationships?
  • How to ensure optimal service quality to investors & distributors, across a multi-source eco-system?
  • How to manage joint marketing campaigns & events, utilize feedback to improve spending?

CRM Features



Asset mangement companies (AMCs) often have annexed visions due to the complexities involved in creating a single repository of actionable data. In such scenarios, most CRM initiatives become departmental in nature, solutions that quickly become part of the problem.
Global Vision Technology’s CRM Asset Mangement solution is uniquely complemented by the Trend Server, an analytical engine, purposefully built for AMCs. Using the intelligence from Trend Server, Global Vision Technology ushers in complete practices, streamlined processes and consolidated systems, ensuring that it quickly becomes a single destination for stakeholder needs.

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