CRM Automotive

Our CRM Automotive solution for the automotive industry manages campaigns, dealers, accounts, quotes, offers, opportunities, contracts, advance reporting and more. Global Vision Technology optimizes the performance of dealerships by improving collaborations and providing clear pipeline visibility.

CRM Automotive solution helps customer facing teams by facilitating better cross-selling and up-selling opportunities through tutorials and alerts.

CRM Software will help Automotive industry to track Leads , Fix Meetings with Clients and Dealers , Increase Sales Services.

CRM Software will increase the efficiency of Automotive Industry and Automate the Market Solution and Customers will get the best customer support.



  • Front-end teams do not have a holistic view of customers
  • Dealerships are unable to keep track of large volumes of complaints and service requests
  • Tracking of customer comments on social networks is inadequate, leading to growing negative sentiments
  • Customer churn is unavoidable with numerous competitors offering similar products
  • New business strategies need to be implemented quickly to maintain a competitive advantage


  • Dealership-wise warranty analysis
  • Monitoring progress and status of service requests with their related job-cards
  • Sales pipeline visibility & conversion ratios of dealerships/ sales executives
  • Identifying up-selling/ cross-selling opportunities and relevant products
  • Record of feedbacks of on ground performances of different models (for R&D)
  • Procurement/ Inventory Management (both parts & vehicles)
  • Customer segmentation
  • Analysis for reasons of VOR (vehicle off road)
  • Need for efficient customer service portal

CRM Features




Our CRM Automotive solution helps monitoring dealerships to increase lead conversions, improve customer service, maximize customer retention and enhance predictive analysis. Global Vision Technology optimizes campaign management to generate more leads and quantifies related opportunities to facilitate effectively analyzing ROI and redesigning marketing strategies.

As a next generation platform, Global Vision Technology CRM Automotive software progressively improves customer experience and helps collaboratively design new products. Its real-time reports and dashboards facilitates clear pipeline visibility, demand forecasting and better sentiment analysis.

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