CRM Finance

Our CRM Finance solution for financial services helps brokerage and distribution companies increase their AUM and enhance their relationship with customers & partners/ franchisees leading to a profitable business model. Global Vision Technology is a leading CRM Finance software with High Impact implementations.

Many companies are finding that the best way to attract and retain customers is to deliver an outstanding customer experience. Whether you specialize in offering products for banking, wealth management, or insurance, Vision CRM Finance enables your people to develop meaningful and enduring relationships with your customers, while helping to improve profitability and operational efficiency.

CRM Finance solution is currently used by many different financial services companies: retail, private and investment banks, leasing companies, savings banks, loan associations, asset management companies, insurance and financial brokers.



  • Financial services being essentially a fee-based/ margin-based business, coupled with high customer acquisition cost, it becomes imperative to focus on harnessing returns over the customer lifetime.
  • While new verticals emerge, the operational focus still remains on product centricity.
  • There is recognition to advance towards customer centricity, but the inertia that propelled early success, inhibits it.


  • How to create an intelligent, unified view of key investors, their needs & risk profile, identify opportunities to up-/cross-sell, thereby increasing share of wallet?
  • How to become trusted financial advisers by providing personalized portfolio mixes to boost AUM and become one-stop destination for all financial needs?
  • How to grow franchisee relationships and have better visibility across their sales processes to reduce the cycle time and prevent revenue leaks?
  • How to run focused acquisition campaigns to increase the investor base while decreasing cost of acquisition?
  • How to create a holistic view of customer interactions across all product lines and channels to provide superior customer service and to combat effects of salesforce attrition?
  • How to reduce process cost and wastage all the while improving compliance and audit standards?
  • How to provide real-time insights into processes for proactive follow-ups, with intelligent reports & dashboards?

CRM Features



Our CRM Finance optimizes the ability to generate leads, manage customers and grow partnerships. It automates sales and service processes, ensuring downstream fulfillment and also effectively executes campaigns.

CRM Finance solution provides pre-configured processes and offers built-in functionalities that maps business requirements for every line of business, viz. Equity, Portfolio Management Services, Commodities, Insurance, Mutual Fund Distribution and Franchisee Management.

CRM Finance software provides ease of doing business that translates into customer retention, better up/cross selling, superior sales team performance, competitive advantage through service differentiation and comprehensive franchisee management.

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