CRM KOL Management

Who are KOLs?

Key opinion leaders (KOL) are “thought leaders” and respected individuals such as leading physicians, prominent medical school faculty, who influence other physicians through their publications, professional status and research. Pharmaceutical companies generally engage key opinion leaders early in the drug development process to provide advocacy and feedback which helps them to create marketing strategies for their drug.

Effective KOL management and analyses can help guide marketers to optimize KOL engagements as bona fide advisors to a brand and can help shape clinical development and clinical data publication plans. For instance, advancing patient care KOLs can play a significant role in driving marketing and educational strategies. Selecting a KOL for a specific role like primary investigators, product advocates, etc. to suit a business strategy and concurrently comply with regulatory norms can often be challenging.

Building relationships to leverage credibility

KOL management is an essential component for companies throughout the life-cycle of a medical product. Four critical elements for enhancing KOL Management are:

  • Engage the KOL efficiently – develop a systematic approach to identification and profiling.
  • Make KOL management a business function – an effective process needs to be incorporated and documented.
  • The KOL management program must be flexible – changes in the market should not adversely affect operations.
  • Optimize collaborations with KOLs – ensure clear visibility and secure sharing of data with built-in rules to ensure competency.

Monitor and update activities for timely follow-ups

Global Vision Technology’s CRM KOL Management ensures users spend minimal time on non-core activities and instead focus on their key tasks, thereby improving the quality of interactions and relationships with KOLs.

  • Activities and tasks like camps, discussions, group seminars, etc. can be planned for specific dates and participants.
  • Resource planning for all activities can be done efficiently to increase effectiveness.
  • Quality of relationship which each KOL can be measured objectively and strategies can be planned for improvement.
  • A KOL can be categorized on basis of various parameters like influencing capabilities, soft skills, publications, etc. Relationship strategies can be developed on basis of these categories.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly calendar views with predefined list views for open, closed and overdue activities or tasks. Quick and easy identification of overdue activities.
  • Files can be attached to an activity or task record.
  • Role based access can be provided for all activities.
  • Group or team scheduling of activities.
  • A variety of predesigned activity management reports and dashboards are available for immediate use.
  • Feedback can be recorded in a systematic manner and used to plan future activities with KOLs.

CRM Features


Top benefits of Global Vision Technology’s CRM KOL Management

Global Vision Technology’s CRM KOL Management enables organizations to effectively grow fruitful relationships with potential and existing KOLs thereby maximizing competitive advantage.
Our CRM KOL Management solution assists in optimizing collaborations with KOLs and ensures real-time information is available to all relevant roles through assignment rules, alerts, report scheduling and more.

  • Import tool for KOL records to efficiently create multiple new records and a ‘Quick Create’ or ‘Clone’ function to minimize manual inputs. Duplicate records can be identified and merged, when required.
  • Pre-configured or customized KOL home page and layouts with quick access to details related to recently created, modified or viewed KOL information. Multiple ‘layouts’ can be defined to handle KOLs according to specific teams and required information.
  • Pre-configured KOL list views (KOL record subsets based on user-definable filter variables).
  • CRM Toolbox for customizing field mapping, rules, alerts, deduplication and more.
  • A KOL ‘Org’ chart builder can be used to clearly indicate the reporting heirarchy within an account.
  • Notes and files associated with a KOL can be attached to their record.
  • Complaint and service request records can be associated with KOL records.
  • Campaign history data records can be associated with KOL records. HTML emails and their status (date first opened, number of times opened, etc.) can be associated with KOL records.
  • KOL records can be synchronized in CRM KOL Management with numerous handheld devices. Activities and tasks can be synchronized with MS-Outlook to ensure details are updated and relevant across teams.
  • Predesigned KOL analytics (charts and graphs) are available in CRM KOL Management for display through dashboards and reports.
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