CRM Manufacturing

Our CRM Manufacturing solution manages business opportunities, quotes, point-of-sale, claims, pricing, inventory, advance reporting and more.

CRM Manufacturing Software maximizes collaborations with stakeholders and customers to optimize your products and services ensuring success.

CRM Manufacturing helps to boost marketing efficiency and sales. The main problem for the majority of companies which operate in manufacturing industry is the fact that they are not able to collect necessary information about their customers. They do not know what their clients need. CRM service will be a perfect solution to this problem.



  • Manufactures are unable to consolidate customer information to improve coversions and increase sales.
  • Collaborations between team members for a complex sale are inefficient.
  • Information relating to sales activities like calls, emails, memos, quote logs, etc. are fragmented.
  • ERP systems do not provide any value for improving sales and service processes.
  • CRM Manufacturing can ramp up the productivity while supporting your sales and customer service teams without complicating the matters.


  • How to grow profitable relationships with suppliers, channel partners, service partners and customers?
  • How to have better control over various partners with a higher degree of traceability and audit trails to monitor them?
  • How to manage long sales cycles – innovation, demand creation, supply to market, fulfillment, operations and support?
  • How to reliably not only address requests, issues, complaints across customer touch points, but also onsite/offsite repairs, spare part inventory tracking and ensure fast, accurate and consistent resolutions?
  • How to profitably manage assurance cycles – reducing contract lapses, cross-selling extended warranties and honoring claims?
  • How to adhere to regulatory global trade compliances and implement workflow to follow best practices?
  • How to drive product innovation and improve quality based on customer feedback?
  • How to track KPIs when the sales and service processes are spread across geographies and multiple partners?

CRM Features



Our CRM Manufacturing solution helps industries to attract, engage and retain profitable customers. It also successfully acquires and nourishes profitable partners with better inventory management and improved productivity.

As a next generation platform, Global Vision Technology CRM Manufacturing edition creates customer centricity and implements best practices in workflows, resulting in growth and improved profitability.

CRM Manufacturing Software comprehensively addresses time-to-market pressures by ensuring timely deliverables and reduces uncertainty while managing a complex supply chain.

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