CRM Pharma

Our CRM Pharma solution for Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences business is comprehensive and helps companies in optimizing their relationships with physicians, chemists, hospitals and other healthcare society.

Global Vision Technology KOL management enables effectively building relationships with potential and existing KOLs to optimize collaborations and ensure real-time information is available to all relevant roles.



  • In this age of myriad patents & pricing reduction, pharmaceutical companies are increasingly facing pressure to build stronger relationship management capabilities to help boost prescription share.
  • In addition to demands for efficiency, quality and flexibility, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies are also required to simultaneously cut costs and improve standards of quality.
  • Constant pressure prevails to shorten product development time and introduce innovative products that customers value.
  • Delivery of superior value to shareholders and innovative healthcare to patients across the spectrum of products.


  • How to prioritize physicians based on influence & Rx habits?
  • How to quantify physicians’ perceptions about drugs?
  • How to ensure optimum utilization of samples?
  • How to segment chemists & hospitals based on consumption potential & growth prospect?
  • How to optimize travel plans for sales teams?
  • How to contain training costs in the face of attrition?
  • How to record competitor steps to build business intelligence?
  • How to track and prioritize complaints, including medical defects?
  • How to provide real-time insights into key performance indicators with intelligent reports and dashboards for proactive follow-ups?

CRM Features



CRM Pharma solutions in pharmaceuticals industry and life sciences have evolved from a workforce management application to a more customer-centric strategy and includes KOL management.

Current investments in home grown systems and incumbent CRM Pharma vendors have failed to keep up with this new realization. There is a need to relook at these investments to ensure that CRM Pharma is more aligned with business needs.

Our CRM Pharma solution for pharmaceuticals and life sciences business provides a fresh way to look at simulating and managing growth. It brings to pharmaceuticals and life sciences best practices from over eleven industry verticals in one comprehensive offering.

In addition, our CRM Pharma software facilitates effective key opinion leader (KOL) management for pharma and life sciences companies to ensure better relationships and quick access to critical information.

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