CRM Public Sector

Our CRM Public Sector solution for local governments improves the quality, speed and convenience of services for their citizens with limited funds. Across the globe officials are looking for better and more efficient ways to meet expectations and avoid criticism through cost-effective and sustainable strategies. Global Vision Technology ensures progressive growth and optimization of services through consolidated multi-system information.



  • Reducing manual tasks, non-core workloads, coordination efforts and provide actionable intelligence.
  • Implementing faster and better services for citizens quickly.
  • Effectively training workforce on value-additions and complementing skills.


  • How to gain a holistic view of citizen interactions across multiple communication channels?
  • How to create a single window to view end-to-end processes that span across systems and enforce TAT/ SLA adherence?
  • How to ensure optimal service quality to citizens?
  • How to assist workforce in reducing manual tasks, non-core workloads, coordination efforts and provide actionable intelligence?
  • How to provide real-time insights into processes with intelligent reports & dashboards for proactive follow-ups?

CRM Features



Our CRM Public Sector solution enables governments to optimally use their limited resources for rendering responsive services and fulfill mandated programs effectively.

With a flexible and complete integration interface, Global Vision Technology helps in collating business information from different systems, hence enabling easy analysis on various parameters.

As a whole, CRM Public Sector solution helps in integrating information, processes and technology to collaborate and deliver financial, social and political benefits.

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