CRM Retail

Our CRM Retail solution for retail helps to improve customer-centricity and boost ROI by integrating multiple systems to create a single interface for all customer related information. Retailers can also gain from Global Vision Technology reporting and analytics by spotting bottlenecks and taking corrective action in advance.



  • Retailers find it increasingly difficult to maintain records of their rapidly growing number of consumers.
  • Analysis of data from multiple systems for campaigns, sales, service and communications is unavailable on a single interface.
  • Forcasting demand, buying habits and expenditure are time consuming and often inaccurate.
  • Memberships, rules, accruals, profiling and segmentation for loyalty programs is often scattered and not available at a centralized location.


  • Managing customer data so that there is optimal visibility for profiles, communications, services and analytics.
  • Tracking request, queries, feedback, complaints and surveys from customers across multiple geographies.
  • Centralized data on stores and their specific campaigns.
  • Calculating marketing ROI and related reports for analyzing critical data.
  • Acquisition management for franchisees.
  • Keeping track of suppliers and purchase orders

CRM Features



CRM  Retail solution makes continous customer engagement easy to achieve through multiple sales, services, marketing, product, loyalty and training management options.

Our CRM Retail solution for Retail helps to create a single interface to view real-time customer data and manage in-store, online and outdoor activities. Global Vision Technology boosts sales and services for retailers through optimized pricing, product bundling, satisfaction scoring and demand forecasting.

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