CRM Telecom

Our CRM Telecom solution for telecom helps carriers maximize account potential, increase customer satisfaction and boost revenues. This is achieved by streamlining processes and consolidating customer defragmented data spread across multiple systems, on a single powerful technology platform.

CRM Telecom solution enables a seamless transformation from a product-centric to a customer-centric organization required to succeed in a competitive market.

Telecom CRM helps you overcomes these problems. It lets you deliver a superior customer experience while driving greater operation efficiency, while crucially reducing the time, cost and risk of implementation and systems integration. Vision CRM supports the specific business processes and workflows of the telecom industry and makes sense of the customer information available throughout your organization. You get a holistic, 360+ view of the customer, along with proven tools for marketing effectiveness, sales productivity and customer care. In every aspect, from implementation to use, it removes obstacles so you can provide the optimal customer experience.



  • Telecoms continue to face stiff revenue targets spread across too many stakeholders.
  • Stakeholders struggle to deal with a vast number of departments, systems and geographies.
  • Tracking sales and the opportunities pipeline is an uphill task.
  • CRM telecom allows you to manage multiple channels of acquisition through a single window platform. Executives no longer have to hop through multiple windows thus increasing their processing speed and decreasing error probability


  • How to provide single customer view and manage end-to-end sales since process and data is spread across diverse systems viz. order management, provisioning, billing, service assurance, etc.?
  • How to stunt customer attrition and grow the customer base in the stiff competition using proactive campaigns and reduce complexity of product pricing, promotions & personalizing next generation telecom services?
  • How to manage key accounts for sustained bottom-line and to grow SME accounts for incremental business and determine account potential to increase SOW?
  • How to segment and capitalize on retail customers’ data, their interactions & usage pattern to increase ARPU?
  • How to reliably co-ordinate, collaborate and action customer queries/ complaints, across channels to ensure fast & accurate resolutions?

CRM Features



Global Vision Technology CRM Telecom solution creates a ‘unified desktop’ that seamlessly integrates with various systems to provide a ‘unified customer view’ for all stakeholders.

CRM Telecom Software facilitates comprehensive account management – classification, identifying potential, target setting and breaking into new accounts to complete the service assurance process. Global Vision Technology provides a realistic insight into the complete value chain.

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