Leadsquared Marketing Automation

Leadsquared Marketing Automation

Leadsquared is a Sales Execution Platform for your business which actually solve your marketing and sales automation worries . A single platform for all your marketing and sales automation needs and automation platform that’s robust, yet affordable

Generate more Leads and push them faster down the Sales.



What do you get with LeadSquared?

 1. Lead Capture Automation

  • Landing Pages
  • Web forms
  • Strong WordPress integration
  • Lead capture from chat tools
  • Phone lead capture
  • Facebook lead ads integration
  • Twitter lead cards integration
  • Lead source reporting

2. Lead Engagement Automation

  • Marketing Automation with a visual workflow builder
  • Drag and drop email builder
  • Complete lead tracking
  • List segmentation

3. Lead Prioritization

  • Lead tracking
  • Lead quality score
  • Lead activity Score
  • Engagement Score

4. Sales Automation

  • Lead distribution
  • Opportunity identification
  • Sales tasks and follow-ups
  • Sales notifications
  • Mobile CRM

5. Marketing and Sales Analytics

  • Landing page analytics
  • Email marketing analytics
  • Marketing automation reports
  • Lead source performance reports
  • Sales performance reports
  • Field sales tracking
  • Revenue analytics


Leadsquared Marketing solution helps to increase lead conversions, improve customer service, maximize customer retention and enhance predictive analysis. Global Vision Technology optimizes campaign management to generate more leads and quantifies related opportunities to facilitate effectively analyzing ROI and redesigning marketing strategies.

Global Vision Technology will help you in implementing Leadsquared Solution It will improve your Sales Performance , Increase your Marketing ROI and Increase your Sales grow faster.

Global Vision Technology is a Implementation partner of Leadsquared Platform , We Automate the Marketing Platform which give the Sales team a great visibility to predict Sales pipeline , Predict Sales Forecast and give Management team a better insights of their Business.

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