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SalesForce is a pioneer in web based online on demand CRM solutions. Over the past few years it has built a reputation for providing end to end solutions for various industries spread over multiple domains. The CRM suite is designed to cater for a newbie to customer relationship management as well as to meet industry strength requirements. It is imperative that businesses manage their work force to meet challenges proactively. Salesforce assists businesses to achieve this objective effectively.

Salesforce Customization

If you need to adapt Salesforce functionality to your company’s existing processes and workflows or improve them so as to make them more efficient and effective, we will help you customize your Salesforce experience. We can customize and personalize your existing CRM solution according to your business needs

Salesforce Custom Application Development

You can include advanced automation functions or expand on the functionality of your existing CRM solution through powerful custom application development. We can create Visualforce pages, Apex classes, S-controls, Triggers, Views, Page Layouts, Workflows and generate different kinds of reports and dashboards according to your needs. We offer a range of custom development solutions to suit your business needs including cloud application solutions development on development platform.

Salesforce Integration

We provide secure, reliable, seamless and scalable integration of with your organization’s on-premise applications (such as ERP, Databases, Legacy systems, Website, Accounting, Inventory, Order Management, Data Warehouse, Flat files, XML files, etc) and external cloud services (such as Amazon Web Services, Google AppEngine, etc).

Salesforce Migration

We can seamlessly migrate your customer data from other applications such as ACT!, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, NetSuite, GoldMine, Sage SalesLogix, bespoke systems, and Excel spreadsheets to Salesforce.


The Salesforce Platform makes it easy for businesses to innovate and automate their processes, while allowing IT to manage risk and security.

Business analysts and non-professional developers can build apps with drag-and-drop tools. Apps that are instantly mobile and social. Data can be shared with real-time reports and dashboards built in. Wizard, forms, check-box selections automatically generate user interfaces, templates, pre-built components – all without complex code.

Anyone in your business can now build an app safely and securely, with IT controlling where apps are deployed and what data users have access to. Best of all, with the Salesforce Platform you don’t have to manage any infrastructure, servers, or databases.

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