SalesForce CRM Migration

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Data migration is one of the most important factors in the success of a SalesForce CRM implementation . Data from legacy systems need to be moved into SalesForce CRM in an organized manner to ensure the following

Our team of SalesForce CRM customization experts are capable of making different types of customisations like

  • Preparing a migration plan to ensure a switch with no downtime
  • Clean migration without duplication
  • No data loss
  • Identifying the garbage data from the legacy system and not migrating that to SalesForce CRM

Our experts have the experience of migrating data from different applications?

  • Zoho CRM into SalesForce CRM data migration
  • ACT CRM into SalesForce CRM data migration
  • VTigerCRM into SalesForce CRM data migration
  • Microsoft Dynamics into SalesForce CRM data migration


The Salesforce Platform makes it easy for businesses to innovate and automate their processes, while allowing IT to manage risk and security.

Business analysts and non-professional developers can build apps with drag-and-drop tools. Apps that are instantly mobile and social. Data can be shared with real-time reports and dashboards built in. Wizard, forms, check-box selections automatically generate user interfaces, templates, pre-built components – all without complex code.

Anyone in your business can now build an app safely and securely, with IT controlling where apps are deployed and what data users have access to. Best of all, with the Salesforce Platform you don’t have to manage any infrastructure, servers, or databases.

Do you want to migrate to SalesForce CRM?

If you are looking to migrate to SalesForce CRM then we are the right choice for you as we can migrate data from the legacy system through our risk free migration strategy.

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