WordPress is a blog publishing application as well as a open source content management system(CMS). WordPress is powered by PHP and a MySQL data backend and its customizable platform is practically the backbone of the Web 2.0 development. WordPress CMS is very user-friendly and content can be easily managed. It also provides a large number of quality themes, templates and plugins which can be further customized to fit your CMS needs. A single wordpress CMS Integration service can help in managing a blog as

well as a website.WordPress MU (Multiuser) is best platform available on internet to implement Multi-user blogging platform. Buddypress is wordpress based platform for implementing Social network. At GVT, we can do anything with wordpress whether it is website development, blogging platform, Multi-blogging platform, social network and anything web 2.0 Contact Now !

Our WordPress Customization CMS Service Includes:

  • WordPress Blog Development.
  • WordPress Plugin development.
  • WordPress Theme development .
  • Adding WordPress blogs to existing sites .
  • WordPress Website Development
  • Adding Widget Capability to Older Themes