Custom Website Design


Web designing entails the task of designing HTML driven web pages so that they can be displayed easily over the Internet. Designing a website needs the designer to focus on certain essential elements such as the color, layout and the entire graphical exterior. Some of the vital aspects to be kept in mind while designing a website are the likes and dislikes of the audiences, site’s functionality and inclusion of target traffic to the sites while specifying the designs of the site. Currently web designing has emerged as a lucrative business for present day SEO firms and this is one of the prime reasons why you would instantly find innumerable companies offering web design services during online searches. Finding the suitable web design service provider is a tough task as you have to browse through their previous records and find out about their services. Additionally, the price quoted by the web designer should suit your budget. These are some of the criteria you need to focus on while searching for suitable website. At Global Vision Technology, we strive hard to frame some of the best suited web design services keeping in sync with the present market trends, industry rates, client demands and their budget.

Our Web Design Services

Offering top quality web design services at surprisingly affordable rates, our team of experts work hard to come up with ground breaking solutions for web design services. In the realm of web designing our expertise fans out to the following fields :

Web 2.0 based design : The specific term of Web 2.0 is typically associated with web applications facilitating the functions like information sharing, interoperability, user-centric design and collaboration on the Internet. With a Web 2.0 site the users can easily interact and team up with each other with the help of the platform of social media networking while acting as the creators of user-generated content in a virtual community. Contrary to the websites this is a highly interactive platform as the websites tend to limit the functions of the web browsers to mere spectators who just have to view the content created for them. Our teams of experts specialize in providing web 2.0 based design services.

Hire Dedicated Designer : Our teams of dedicated designers strive hard to come up with client centric designs for websites. We have years of expertise in dealing with advanced techniques like HTML, XHTML / CSS and PHP designing and development. Our web developers additionally indulge in optimizing graphics and produce rich media features like flash, streaming media, or online audio etc. with specialization in JavaScript, our experts specialize in dealing with dynamic technologies namely XSSI, JSP, ASP, Dynamo, and Cold Fusion.

E-Mailer Design : We are well aware of the importance of an e-mailer as a powerful tool for online marketing, promotion and brand awareness. While designing our e-mailers our professionals strongly focus on the aspects like cost efficiency, quality and on time delivery of projects. One of the prime benefits you reap from our e mailer design services is you save the wastage of papers for marketing and brand promotion activities. Additionally, with our specialization in framing the content and designing the most suitable e-mailers, you can easily reach out to a number of web browsers.

E-Learning Modules : The e-learning modules are primarily designed for the educational sites and with years of expertise, the specialists at Global Vision Technology aims at designing some of the best e-learning modules that would address the exact requirements of the audiences and learners. Our instructional designers play a vital role in designing the most effective and informative e-learning modules. With highly streamlined scopes and objectives, we specialize in offering highly relevant yet compact line of information for the convenience of our learners. Making the e-learning modules highly user friendly and interactive at the same time is one of the specializations we focus on consistently.

E-Brochure : An e-brochure plays a vital role in advertising and promoting a company to secure a strong online presence. An e-brochure is almost like a multi page website offering relevant content and information about a company or a product or service to be launched. Our designers and developers constantly interact with the clients to gain all the relevant information that can be used in the brochure. As per requirements, animations and flash banners can also be used in the e-brochures. With our affordable e-brochure services you can save a lot on printing.

Multilingual Websites : Thanks to our expert teams contributing in multilingual website building, you can attract more clients and web browsers who tend to interact in a variety of languages instead of English alone. Our professionals help you include notes and labels that help you locate the various parts of the content, thereby, making it easier for you to explain these parts to your translators. With some knowledge about HTML and CSS your translator can easily minimize these problems.

Website Maintenance : We are completely aware of the fact that our role doesn’t end with mere website designing. Thus we make it a point to maintain and improve the website’s ranking in search engine results while focusing on SEO services to improve your company’s web presence. Additionally, our website designers and developers are constantly working to improve the status and functioning of a website.

Website Re-Designing : Change the entire appearance of your website with our expertise. Our designers modify your website entirely for a new look and add the required and essential features like Joomla and CMS.

PSD to XHTML Conversion : Thanks to our years of expertise and specialization, you can easily avail our PSD to XHTML conversion services and secure a better web presence for your site.