Offshore Development


Offshore software development has become a key factor in helping us deliver your solutions in a timely and affordable manner, in the emerging global market.

Global Vision Technology aims to be a global provider of outsourced product engineering services. Adapting to globally accepted delivery models, backed by services focused on offshore software development and contemporary methodologies is what helps us to achieve a high success rate with all clients.

Our services cover the spectrum from conceptualisation to development to professional services such as strategy, architecture, development, testing, deployment, integration, sustenance and support. And by synergizing with our onsite associates, we perfectly implement our hybrid Onsite + Offshore model.

Global Vision Technology delivers:


Offshore Developement Centre

At the very heart of our hybrid Onsite and Offshore Model, is our Offshore Development Centre. This is where our innovators work to incorporate vital information gathered by our onsite associates and apply it to your precise needs. Thus, they develop a product perfectly suited to your needs.

  • A state-of-the-art lab with highly skilled talent
  • The process maturity of an ISO-9001 accredited organisation
  • The freedom to propagate your own corporate procedures, systems and management techniques
  • The benefits of being able to tap into large, well-trained resource pool as and when required
  • Cost savings on infrastructure and manpower costs when compared to your country
  • Timesaving on the long gestation period that is needed for setting up an offshore subsidiary
  • CMM Level 5 processes that are metrics-focused
  • Extensive Sonata-wide processes for protection of Intellectual property rights
  • Open Source Enabling
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